China hits back at Clinton’s Africa comments

Discussion in 'China' started by Ray, Aug 4, 2012.

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    The US has realised that soon China is going to eclipse the US as the most happening country, even if still not the sole superpower. Hence, US has taken upon itself to reinvent the US as a benign and caring partner and not a part of the 'imperialist' clique.

    To a great extent, the US is succeeding since it has dropped the usual 'with us or against us' attitude and that has been welcomed by all, most importantly, the developing and the third world countries.

    US' activism in the South China Sea in defence of weaker countries, to include an erstwhile enemy and a Communist country has does wonders for the US' image.

    This obviously has discomfited China, which till now, had a free run in Africa. Hence, the shrill protestation to include accusing the US of 'cheap shots'.

    China is also uncomfortable because there is a growing and simmering dislike in the manner China favours her own citizen in the work force and also because of roughriding the natives in much the manner of the old colonialists.

    The Africans are no longer the illiterate mass that they were. They also see how Africa's natural resources are being ripped away with very little benefit to the Africans. This is another area of discontent and it is not confined to being against China alone.,

    Africa is the next area where the Great Game is to be played.
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    Hilary Clinton is doing wonders for the US image and Foreign Policy.
    She single handedly has cajoled and threatened countries to switch off from Iranian Oil. She is the face of US today which is being much appreciated and IMO deserves to be the next POTUS.

    Step aside Obama, step aside Romney- here is a lady whose time is fast approaching.

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