China helps India with Mumbai subway trains

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    China helps India with Mumbai subway trains

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    As early as more than 1,300 years ago during Tang Dynasty, boiling sugar method was introduced from ancient India into China, which brought sweet life to Chinese people. Today, “Made in China” low-carbon metro vehicle representing contemporary industrial civilization will run in New Delhi, the capital of India, so as to boost local economy’s development and urban residents’ traffic speed. On June 21, CSR Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd. signed a purchase & sales contract with Siemens in Beijing, and it would provide India New Delhi Gurgaon RMGL Metro Project with 15 metro vehicles 5 trains and 3-car formation. CSR Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd. will deliver the first metro vehicle in November 2011 and deliver all vehicles by March 2012.
    With the economic development, India built up the first metro line 3.4km long in CALCUTTA city at the beginning of 1980s. Since then, urban rail transit got booming in India. Now, the country is building up metro line in seven cities like Bombay and Hyderabad, so as to meet India citizens’ increasing demands for transportation.
    India New Delhi RMGL Metro Project, Rapid MetroRail Gurgaon’s turn-key project general contracting for signal, line, and vehicle etc., is 30km away from the downtown of New Delhi, and it is used to connect main business districts in Satellite City of Gurgaon. The project adopts elevated line with standard gauge and has a total length of 6.1km. Along the metro line there are six parking stations, and during the peak time for passenger transportation, the running interval is 90 seconds. It is roughly estimated that the metro line will transport at least 30,000 passengers for the Satellite City of Gurgaon.
    It is learned that the metro vehicle’s maximum speed is designed at 90km/h, with running speed hitting 80km/h, and its maximum passenger capacity rockets to 1,010 persons three-car formation. In consideration of New Delhi’s high temperature up to 50 °C and rainy & dusty environment as well as to meet energy-saving and environmental protection requirements, CSR Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd. will also adopt high-strength light-weight aluminum alloy material that is more resistant to corrosion and has long service life up to 30 years, in addition to employing multi-compressor air conditioning unit featuring low energy consumption, favorable refrigerating effect, and intelligent adjustment to passenger flow, which helps each metro vehicle save electricity of 20,000 KWH per year as compared to the stainless steel metro vehicle of the same grade.
    CSR Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd. will take account of the elevated line’s characteristics to research and produce the metro vehicle in accordance with EN 50121 standard, ISO3381 standard, and ISO3095 standard etc., so as to reduce vehicle’s electromagnetic radiation and running noise. It will also fix current guide rail on the side of the steel rail as well as install current receiver on both sides of the urban rail vehicle’s bogie so as to gain the electric energy for running. In this way, the project does not need pantograph and air power grid’s third rail current collecting technology, which will help reduce the metro vehicle’s influence on safety of residents along the line and prevent it from damaging the environment along the line.’
    CEO and General Manager of CSR Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd. Xu Zongxiang said: at that time, the company will be dedicated to research and production of low-carbon and energy-saving metro vehicle products, which will play a demonstrative role to power-scarce India in energy-saving and emission reduction sector, as well as further expand Chinese enterprises’ cooperative space in India rail transit equipments market.

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