China: Fresh Air Goes on Sale

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    Fresh Air Goes on Sale

    As Beijing residents are once again advised to stay indoors amid choking air pollution, some environmentalists are pessimistic about the possibilities for a thorough clean-up. From Bloomberg:

    People with an entrepreneurial spirit have started to make money by selling fresh air in cans. From John Garnaut at The Sydney Morning Herald:

    James Fallows at The Atlantic notices a less humorous related phenomena: birth defects and cognitive disorders related to the heavy pollution

    Fresh Air Goes on Sale - China Digital Times (CDT)


    Chinese are great good or even better than the fabled snake oil salesmen!

    The sell weapons to Gaddafi and buy oil from the rebel.

    They sure can smell a good deal to make money, scruples and morals being of no consideration.

    Now, they are capitalising on the air pollution in China.

    They are selling air!

    I am sure they will claim this to be social service!

    Indeed it is social service with an eye on the banknotes!

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