China for connectivity across South-East Asia

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    Clever little ticks these Chinese and weasel way for the Chinese to rub salt since the India Bangladesh transit treaty has fallen by the wayside.

    Attempting to show how concerned China is about Bangladesh and SE Asia.

    Interestingly, the Chinese claim that 95% trade will be duty free. This is because India has given concession to Bangladesh. Another indication of Chinese chicanery, but then seeing will be believing and if indeed China does so, it is good since it will help Bangladesh and so indirectly, India has done well for Bangladesh.

    The question that comes to mind, is how come China did not do so before and only showed great love and affection for Bangladesh, only when India extended trade concession to Bangladesh?

    A trifle sneaky one could conclude.

    Lastly, who cares what China feels about if it has any objection to the Indian proposal for a transit treaty.

    In fact, it is we who have no objection to anything Bangladesh does!

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