China Denies Naval Build-up Against India

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    China's Defence Minister Liang Guanglie has dismissed out of court suggestions that Beijing was carving out a permanent naval presence in India's neighbourhood in South Asia.

    General Liang has disclaimed moves to build naval bases at Gwadar in Pakistan and at a Sri Lankan port Last week the Pakistani Prime Minister had made it public that China would build a naval base at Gwadar in Pakistan but these claims were rubbished by China's Defence Minister.

    China's Defence Minister has said that they will have a very serious and careful study of as issue of such importance to the government and the military like the reported move for establishing naval bases in Pakistan and Sri Lanka. He said that if the moves were real, exact plans will be chartered out and a panel will be set up to discuss the possibility of a naval base in India's backyard.

    General Liang made it clear that China's core interests include anything that is related to sovereignty, stability, and form of government. China is now pursuing socialism. If there is any attempt to reject this path, it will touch upon China's core interests. Or, if there is any attempt to [encourage] any part of China to secede, that also touches upon China's core interests related to our land, sea, or air. Then, anything that is related to China's national [economic and social] development also touches upon China's core interests.

    China and India are locked up in an arms build-up or an arms race. The Indian Navy without doubt will take appropriate steps to counter any aggressive or expansion plans by the Chinese Navy. Like China, India too is pursuing an aggressive naval expansion plan with many warships on order at Indian and foreign shipyards and at the same time is inducting state-of-the-art stealth destroyers, frigates and aircraft carriers to remain the dominant naval power in South Asia.

    India is the only country in the Asian sub-continent which has the ability and the will to counter the Chinese threat. With a booming Indian economy and an ever expanding defence budget, Western Powers are allying with democratic India as their only hope to counter the dragon in the 21st century.

    Defence News - China Denies Naval Build-up Against India

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