China criticises the US over 'terrible' human rights situation and 'grim racial division'

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    As far as i am concerned, Coldwar-2 has unofficially started, i am guessing we will hear more such stories(Critical of U.S) like these in the coming years....

    China has released a scathing report on the state of human rights in the United States.

    In the seven-page document, published by Xinhua news agency, China's State Council Information Office is highly critical of recent racial tensions in the US, gun violence, torture offences and rising inequality.

    Not only is the situation in the US "increasingly grave," according to the report, "the US violated human rights in other countries in a more brazen manner, and was given more 'red cards' in the international human rights field".

    The report comes just days after the US State Department's annual analysis on human rights around the world, and follows three days of high-level talks between the countries in Washington DC.

    China has been issuing this US-centric human rights report for the last 16 years — a transparent attempt to expose the country's double standards.

    President Obama and John Kerry met the Chinese delegation at the White HouseThe report, which was compiled using US media articles, says: "The US is a country with grim problems of racial discrimination, and institutional discrimination against ethnic minorities continued.

    "Serious racial bias persisted in the police and justice systems. Minority groups and indigenous people are subject to unfairness in environment, election, health care, housing, education and other fields."

    The US was also last year "haunted by spreading guns, frequent occurrence of violent crimes, which threatened citizens' civil rights."

    The two countries have often clashed over human rights, especially since 1989 when the US enforced sanctions on China after its bloody response to pro-democracy protests in Tianamen Square.

    China has long rejected US criticism of its human rights record, arguing that it has lifted millions out of poverty.

    So far under President Xi Jinping, promises to improve citizens democracy and human rights have been undermined by a forceful crackdown on dissidents and activists.

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