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    The reform of the Ukrainian defense prompted the Chinese to steal technology

    The growth of unlicensed copying of companies by China of samples of Ukrainian weapons and technology - still the only real outcome of the reform of the Ukrainian defense industry.

    According to the release in late May by the industry conference of the National Institute for Strategic Studies, a number of new external priority assigned two - a growing military-technical expansion of China and the political upheavals of countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

    According to the newspaper "Kommersant", relatively recently in 2009, Ukraine has managed to react to one of the knocks of Chinese expansion - an attempt to the unlicensed sale of Peruvian army big party of the Ukrainian-Pakistani-Chinese tanks MBT-2000. As a result, the contract was denounced by Beijing.

    But today, when Kiev relies on the financial preferences of the Middle Kingdom, the impression that Ukraine is trying not to notice the copying of its technology.

    Thus, the most famous victim of technological expansion of China in 2011 were domestic manufacturers of automotive systems, electronic warfare, and suppression of the "Mandate" B1E: (producers of radio interference) Donetsk JSC "Topaz", Zaporozhye state factory "NPK" Iskra "and Kremenchug OAO KRAZ" . Once in 2002 they put China two systems, each of the four radars, in 2011 the Chinese CATIC China Electronic Technology Import & Export Corporation started its own exit on the world market with a product strikingly similar to the "Donetsk" system. "

    Ukrainian experts expect that the next victim of Chinese copy in 2012 will be gas-turbine power plants Nikolaev State Plant "Zarya Mashproekt. Back in 2010, Ukraine has committed itself to put these turbines in China.
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