China businesswoman emigrates to unknown country

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    China businesswoman emigrates to unknown country

    BEIJING: A woman politician and business tycoon, famous for opposing the trend of migration by well-off people, has herself crossed over to a foreign country.

    Zhang Lan, 54, left behind no forwarding address leaving the government unaware of her present location.

    The move is embarrassing for Chinese nationalists, who have been stung by an attempt by Wang Lijun, police chief of Chongqing, to migrate to the US early this year.

    The owner of a major restaurant chain, South Beauty, Zhang has also resigned from the membership of a local committee that represents the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, which is one of the two houses of parliament. She took the decision after internet users questioned how someone who has migrated can hold the position.

    China has been persuading western countries and Australia to hand over Chinese nationals including corrupt officials and businessmen , who have escaped the country with large amount of money. There is suspicion that Zhang may have also got away with substantial funds. Zhang's action shows she fears being arrested in a foreign country, and brought back to face trial, sources said.

    The authorities also suspect that she vanished in order to avoid facing a court trial triggered by a complaint by her former business partner , Ma Yi. But Zhang's son Wang Xiaofei, has denied that his mother was avoiding a court appearance.

    China businesswoman emigrates to unknown country - The Times of India


    Our worthy Chinese posters talk about India and corrupt politicians, here is an example of the shining star of Chinese politics who raised issues of opposing the trend of migration by well-off people, herself taking the skip.

    And she is a crook on top of it, if the Chinese are to be believed!

    Morality, fraudulent that it maybe, is shouted from the rooftops but when the chips are down, yelp and bolt!

    Very Red Chinese and camp followers like!

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