China being Unfair to its Rural Labour

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    The Hukou system still prevails in China.

    A Hukou refers to the system of 'class system' residency permits which dates back to ancient China, where household registration is required by law in People's Republic of China (China) and Republic of China (Taiwan).

    A household registration record officially identifies a person as a resident of an area and includes identifying information such as name, parents, spouse, and date of birth.

    A hukou can also refer to a family register in many contexts since the household registration record (simplified Chinese: 户籍誊本; traditional Chinese: 戶籍謄本; pinyin: hùjí téngběn) is issued per family, and usually includes the births, deaths, marriages, divorces, and moves, of all members in the family.

    Guan Zhong, Prime Minister of the Qi state 7th century BCE, imposed different taxation and conscription policies on different areas In addition, Guan Zhong also banned immigration, emigration, and separation of families without permission. In the Book of Lord Shang, Shang Yang also described his policy restricting immigrations and emigrations.

    It did have rationale in the olden times, but now, it is redundant since migration for labour is essential if China is to grow.

    Just like everything in China, they want to look a gift horse in the teeth.

    They are allowing migration for labour, but turning a blind eye for benefits for the labour because of the hukou system in force.

    It is causing great social unrest and administrative issues!

    One wonders how the Chinese are going to reconcile, if indeed they do!

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