China Battles to Contain Militant Infiltration via PoK

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    BEIJING: For decades India battled to contain infiltration from Pakistan and it now appears to be the turn of China, which has stepped up patrols along the dreaded Khunjerab Pass bordering PoK to halt the flow of Islamist militants into its restive Muslim-dominated Xinjiang province. Battling full blown militancy backed by al-Qaeda affiliated groups in Xinjiang, the home of native Muslim Uygurs, Chinese military is now engaged in halting the groups of extremists crossing back and forth to Pakistan and Afghanistan through the Khunjerab Pass in Pakistan- occupied Kashmir (PoK) from where the Karkoram Highway passes through. "No enemy can cross our border. No weapons can make their way in and no terrorists can reach our targets. These are goals to achieve. They are the bottom line of our mission," a Chinese military official in-charge of border patrols told state-run CCTV. With intensified attacks in Xinjiang, the stat-run TV has carried a rare detailed news documentary on how soldiers are slugging out to contain infiltration from the Khunjerab Pass, a key link connecting China and Pakistan through the PoK. "Terrorists targeting China set up training camps justoutside China’s outside sovereign territory. From there they inculcate extremists and infiltrate into Xinjiang to launch deadly attacks against civilians. The result is shockingly brutal massacres," said the documentary titled 'Defending Kashgar'.

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    China Battles to Contain Militant Infiltration via PoK - The New Indian Express
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    Finally the paki hens are coming home to roost
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    Pindliyon ka gooda
    No don't say that. Pakistan and China have a friendship that is taller than the tallest mountain, deeper than the deepest ocean and sweeter than honey, greater than Islam.

    The Chinese should expedite building of the "friendship road" from Pakistan to Xinjiang so that Pakstanis can have free access to the land of their biggest and best friends.

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