China: Asian navies should trust each other

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    The Chinese navy's first-ever port call to Myanmar on Sunday has triggered plenty of noise and speculation in India.

    The Indian press aligns Myanmar with Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, where they believe China has helped build port facilities, and conclude that the neighboring giant is aimed at building a "string of pearls" for greater space on the Indian Ocean - long considered India's backyard.

    Just like the strong reactions from Japan when China's warships made their way through the first island chain into the Pacific Ocean, every step the fledgling power makes to test its wings has been met with suspicion.

    The biggest fear, as some foreign strategists asserted, is that China may flex its muscles from one ocean to another, and eventually become a frightening superpower cruising around the world's blue waters.

    What a grand picture these strategists are drawing. Some amateur military "experts" will jump into the air over the slightest mention of such an ambitious plan.

    The reality of the situation is much less exciting than their fantasies.

    Only two escort ships back from their missions to protect Chinese trade fleets from piracy in waters off the Somali coast visited Myanmar. On the way home, the escort group made port calls to Egypt, Italy and Greece.

    Conspiracy theories aside, China's navy has been growing stronger over the past few years, and has been reaching places it has never reached before.

    Not surprisingly, Japan, South Korea, India and some Southeast Asian countries are concerned.

    These countries should be more concerned about the US, the only real super power, which could cause trouble by stoking feelings of discontent.

    China has to pay attention to the concerns arising naturally from its neighbors in Asia.

    A stronger Chinese navy does not necessarily mean a threat, but an additional peace-keeping force, as is shown in the gulf of Aden.

    The fear aimed at the Chinese navy is a dangerous result of neighboring countries' suspicion and mistrust over China's rise.

    The process to resolve this mistrust is the same process to resolve the "China threat" theory.

    A lack of communications has built up this mistrust and misjudgment.

    The Chinese government may try to establish a communication mechanism between navies in Asia.

    Only through the better exchange of ideas and explanations can the other countries fully understand the Chinese navy's willingness to cooperate instead of compete.

    Asia's navies should not repeat history in the Atlantic Ocean where world powers tried to use their naval powers to conquer each other.

    Asian navies should trust each other - GlobalTimes

    What and whom does China mean!!!
    I feel he is Warning India, as India is only the recent nation getting near to US???
    what do you think guys....
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    I don't see any evidence that China's "String of Pearls" is anything more than commercial ports. Chinese trying to operate off Somalia had to beg France to use our bases. PLAN is not set up to operate outside their littoral. There is no military infrastructure at Gwadar or any of the other ports in their string. They are all container load-outs. There is no one to threaten India's operations in IOR. US and France will not attack anything of India's concern.

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