China admits illegal detention centers

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    China admits illegal detention centers

    February 15, 2014, 12:01 am TWN

    BEIJING -- A Chinese province admitted on Friday to running unlawful “discipline centers” to detain petitioners — months after the country abolished labor camps often used to lock them up.

    For generations ordinary Chinese people have petitioned higher-level governments. But their complaining embarrassed local authorities, which often bundled such individuals home and sometimes sentenced repeat petitioners to up to four years of “re-education through labor,” known as laojiao.

    Last November the ruling Communist Party announced the abolition of the controversial laojiao camps. Some provinces shut their sites completely while others converted them into drug rehabilitation centers, domestic media have since reported. But overseas rights groups cast doubt over the promises.

    Authorities in the central province of Henan have been running “discipline centers” in various areas, said a report by the official news agency Xinhua posted on the website of the province's Communist Party committee overseeing law and politics.

    They had been set up to fulfil province-wide instructions issued in 2008 “to adopt various methods of education and discipline to deal with local abnormal petitioners headed to Beijing,” the report said.

    Many were shut in recent years, it added. “But certain areas maintained them and even took it upon themselves to hang up 'discipline center' signs. This behavior did not comply with legal regulations.”

    A woman aged about 70 was held for five days at one site in Henan's Nanyang city in a room with a bucket for a toilet and several officials watching over her, said the Beijing News, which first exposed the centers' existence.

    A month earlier she had been locked up for 10 days after petitioning in the capital, the paper cited her son as saying. It quoted other Henan petitioners saying they had been held at discipline centers for two to six months.

    A few local governments in the province described operating such centers on their websites, the Beijing News said in a separate report on Thursday. Those references could not be found online on Friday.

    China admits illegal detention centers - The China Post
    The Chinese Govt with great fanfare announced that the Laogais had been abolished and the Chinese penal system has taken a turn closer to the penal system of the world.

    The world believed that and applauded China for such a bold step to divorce itself for the stifling, repressive and unjust past.

    But here goes the reality of China.

    Its penchant for doublespeak. pious platitudes, homilies and blatant falsehood lies exposed by a Chinese newspaper!

    And to believe, @Nimo cn, has the temerity to wonder as to why people don't believe the Chinese posters and the pronouncement of the Chinese Communist Govt.

    His accusation in another thread can be observed.

    I am sure the excuse will now be given by the Chinese posters (that they normally tend to trot out) that this is all the fault of 'local authorities' and the Communist Party is pure as the snow on Mount Etna.

    To imagine in a totalitarian regime, locals can dare to disobey the diktats of the Supreme Beings of Beijing!
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