'Child Trafficking' Business Helps Create New Teaching Posts in Aided

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    'Child Trafficking' Business Helps Create New Teaching Posts in Aided Schools

    KOZHIKODE: As the controversy over alleged child trafficking rages on, yet another telling evidence of children from other states being brought to the state to prevent division falls and create new teaching posts in the educational institutions run by the orphanage managements has surfaced.

    According to information sourced exclusively by ‘Express’, the Deputy Director of Education, Kozhikode, has proposed five new teaching posts in the lower primary schools run by Mukkam Muslim Orphanage management on the basis of increase in strength of students.

    In its consolidated report given to the government as part of the 2013-’14 staff fixation process, the DDE has recommended two new teaching posts in MMO LPS, Mukkam, and three in MMO LPS, Nellikunnu.

    As per the documents submitted by the Mukkam Muslim Orphanage and Manassery Muslim Orphanage - both run by same management - to the Social Justice Department (SJD) in 2012- 13 to obtain grant-in-aid, a total of 574 inmates in both orphanages hail from other states. And, all these inmates are given admission to the aided education institutions under the management including MMO LPS, Mukkam and MMO LPS, Nellikkunnu. Of these, majority are from Jharkhand and Bihar.

    Apparently, by admitting children from other states, the management has been able to secure new teaching posts. The DDE’s recommendation has come on the basis of the report submitted by Mukkam Assistant Educational Office (AEO) on the number of additional posts admissible during the year 2013-14.

    “The government always endorses the recommendation of the AEO. But, as soon as a new post is recommended, almost all managements will make a new appointment and regularise it soon after securing the government nod,” a former DEO said, preferring anonymity. The Mukkam Muslim Orphanage management is currently facing a Crime Branch probe in the alleged child trafficking case in which 466 children were brought from Jharkhand and Bihar and 124 from West Bengal to Palakkad.

    “Five new teaching posts means a donation not less than `1 crore,” said M S Rasheed, state vice-president of Khuran Sunnath Society (KSS). “Nobody is against running orphanages. But, the real fact is that all these orphanages have an ulterior motive which is purely businessoriented. They use children to create more teaching posts and collect huge sum as donations. Under the pretext of serving the destitute, they collect contributions worth crores of rupees from Arabs and NRIs. The Right and Left fronts are feigning ignorance of this fraud eying minority vote bank,” said Rasheed, adding that the KSS will move court against the exploitation.

    On June 5, 2014, ‘Express’ unearthed the business motives of MMO by exposing the legal battle fought by Fasna T V of Koduvally whose father T V Mohammed died while serving as the principal of Mukkam TTI.

    Her contention was that the management has demanded `18 lakh for appointment in the dying-in-harness scheme and has been denying her job even after getting favourable order from the state and the High Court. Fasna also moved the Rights panel alleging that the management is minting money under the pretext of welfare activities for Muslims. It is to be noted that a report of the Local Fund Audit Dept, Kozhikode, raised objections against admitting children from other states to the aided-schools run by the management.

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