Chidambaram says he is being targetted for exposing saffron terror links

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    New Delhi: Home Minister P Chidambaram has given a new twist to 2G scam, claiming that the BJP is targeting him for exposing right-wing terror links.

    There have been dramatic courtroom allegations by arrested former telecom minister A Raja that have embarassed the Prime Minister and then Finance Minister P Chidambaram in the 2G scam. With the BJP now demanding his resignation, Chidambaram says he is being targetted for exposing saffron terror links.

    "Finance minister is directly responsible and he must resign," said Nitin Gadkari, BJP President.

    Having scalped A Raja in the 2G scam, the next target for the BJP is clearly Home minister P Chidambaram, the then finance minister when the spectrum licenses were granted.

    With A Raja now dragging in both the prime minister and P Chidambaram into the scam, BJP is preparing to mount a fresh assault even as Chidambaram…accuses the saffron outfit of singling out himself for the NIA probe on Hindu terror.

    It's clear that the BJP would now be targeting Chidambaram and Kapil Sibal in the 2G scam. A delegation led by BJP MP Prakash Jhavdekar met CBI director in Delhi earlier this month and demanded an inquiry into Chidambaram's involvement in the scam. Murli Manihar Joshi in the interim PAC report on the 2G scam also questioned the Home minister's role in agreeing to the revenue formula adopted by telecom miistry in allotting spectrum.

    "He is trying to divert the issue," said BJP leader Prakash Javadekar reacting to Chidambaram's statement.

    Last Winter session of Parliament was washed out with the Opposition demanding a Joint parliamentary committee on the 2G scam. The government finally had to relent. With the Monsoon session beginning in the first week of August, Raja's assertion in the court has given enough ammunition to the BJP to take on the government including the Prime Minister and some key ministers in the government

    2G scam: BJP, Chidambaram in war of words - Politics - Politics News - ibnlive


    Guess what? the world is laughing at our pathetic political system and our imbecile politicians.
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    It's opposite; He is targeting BJP and nationalists in order to divert attention from his alleged involvement on 2g scam and others. Even his election victory can just be another scam. Wonder why would Congress party go so desperate to place its puppet N Chawala as Election Commissioner defying all rules, even making new in place just to facilitates his entry. White lungi doesn't make someone Mr Clean!
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    looks like the UPA days are numbered
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    Nothing more than a desperate attempt to divert attention from him to BJP . yesterday in one interview he blamed BJP of targeting him and his colleagues including Great King Digvijay SInghJEEE . Earlier Jayalalita leveled charges against him and now A Raja directly blaming him . seems he is running short of ammo to defend himself so he just stole some hindutva ammo to deflect charges.
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    If Chidambaram is squeaky clean, then he should have nothing to worry.

    His claiming to be targeted does indicate that there is something to hide.

    Compare this with the PM who has also been named by Raja. He is neither worried, nor has he given a statement, nor has be appeared worried. It is obvious that he is not deep in this murky affair.

    The manner in which Kapil Sibal has attempted to be the Knight in Shining Armour in this case, starting from stating that the CAG is talking through their hats, that the 2G affair was clean and that he had no conflict of interest is an indication that there is more than what meets the eye as far as he is concerned. It is also a point worth considering as to why he was saddled with this Ministry (which requires donkey's work to unravel the mess0, in addition to his already hard pressed Ministry of HRD where he was neck deep in reforming the system.

    These politicians of all hues, who pretend to the custodians of our destiny are actually custodians of their and their 14 Generations destiny.

    But then, what is the choice for us? The politicians of all hues and parties are peas of the same pod.

    Mani Shankar calls it a circus!
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    That's what conggies are good at - First send your secular friend to jail as a pawn, when he opens his mouth the blame your rivals that you are being targeted because you exposed them???? When did A.Raja became a "Saffron Terrorist"?

    Is BJP in power to influence CBI etc stooge organizations? How can BJP or RSS influence A.Raja and others? Man these people are height of shameless corruption - admitting to their corrupt practices is a long shot, however they blame others for their own corrupt deeds.
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    Chidambaram trying to prove that no one is clean in the system. That is his defence?

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