Chhattisgarh: 3 Naxal Attacks In 3 Days, BSF Camp Targeted

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    Chhattisgarh: 3 Naxal Attacks In 3 Days, BSF Camp Targeted

    Naxals targeted BSF camp Pankhajur area of Kanker.
    At least 18 trucks carrying iron ore were set on fire on Sunday.
    At least seven jawans were killed in Sukma, Chhattisgarh on Saturday

    In the third such attack in Chhattisgarh in three days, Naxals on Monday morning targeted a BSF camp in Pankhajur area of Kanker. A jawan was killed in the attack at Chote Betiya camp under Bandeh PS. A naxal was also reported to be killed in the attack.

    The attack took place around 11:30pm last night. The jawan, who was killed was a part of peripheral patrol of the camp and hit been hit by three bullets.

    This recent attack comes less than 24 hours after Naxals set at least 18 trucks carrying iron ore on fire on Sunday, and two days after they killed seven jawans in Sukma area of Chhattisgarh on Saturday.

    The Centre has already rushed additional forces to Chhattisgarh, even as Home Minister Rajnath Singh has said that he is in direct touch with Chief Minister Raman Singh.

    More details are awaited.

    Chhattisgarh: 3 Naxal Attacks In 3 Days, BSF Camp Targeted | Focus News

    We are busy demanding permanent seat at UN and boasting ourselves as rising power of the globe,but in the midst of it have we turn ourself blind to the present state of affair in our country.Naxal ,north east ,jammu kashmir ,terrorism is still alive and kicking in our very own home ,have we compromised with it ,make it a part of our daily life,or our own indeginous and copyright attitude of "chalta hai" is at work here.When will this end?what are we doing to end this ?do we have a plan a time frame in our mind?

    1 We talk about destroying Pakistan,that we will teach them a lesson but what about these naxali which run amock inside our own very home.We are good at making statement "kadi karvai ki jayegi" "iski bhari kimat chukani pdegi" blah blah blah!!!!!1 and then it's put on repeat every time anything happens.

    2 Our soldiers are still without bulletproof jacket and ballistic helmet in this 21st centurary,even the basic means of protection are absent maybe in India a soldier life is much cheaper than these.Modern arms, firepower, surveliance equipments where are these?

    3 First we should determine with iron will that we will get rid our country from these.Make solid plan ,train our forces as per it, equip them with best possible technology out there and lauch operation from start to finish.Clear area inch by inch move the local population to temporary camps if neccary.We should learn from Srilanka how they put LTTTE to end for good.Attack and terminate Maoist and north east insurgent leader who are living abroad through super elite "HIT GROUP" .There should be only two option for all terrorist surrender or die.Let blood flow,we will form ocean of peace from the river of blood of all these terrorist"inernal or external".

    4 Deploy attack helicopter ,particulary for naxals as they derive their strength by attacking in large numbers ,let's roast them in their large numbers.

    5 Let us show naxal the true face of violence ,fear.

    6 Focus on reinforcement and develop new tactics on how to counter once a party is under heavy attack,as main strategy of naxal is ambush and to cut off that party from rest.Under the cover of heavy fire from heli gunship we can fast rope QRT in such case.

    7 If we are unable to handle these naxal in our own home than we should stop our loud mouth warning Chinese and Pakistanis.What a shame that our forces are unable to recover the bodies of our fallen soldier in our own land from fear of terrorist.

    8 I don't want these Polticinans blabbering their mouth for fallen soldiers but instead want 20 dead naxals for each soldier killed.

    9 Launch a decicive operation from finish to end and get rid of it once and for all.

    10 Enough with nation of peace its time for shivji thandav and blood bath ,let there be destruction before we start construction of peaceful and happy future.
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    It is time that classical CI ops be mounted with Area Domination and Sweep Searches. The latter would soon be termed as 'jungle bashing' if no results come.

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