Chechen congress in Poland.!!!

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    Representatives of the Chechen diaspora communities from the Caucasus and agreed to meet in Poland. On Thursday 16 September at Warsaw will meet the World Congress of the Chechen nation.

    - We chose Poland as the place of meeting, because the Chechens believe no other country in the world is not as sensitive to our misery, and no other nation does not understand us as well as the Poles - says, "Gazeta" Deni Teps, chairman of the Congress and the main organizer of the conference near Warsaw. - We meet in the spring of May 31. Our plans thwarted the presidential plane crash near Smolensk. Did not want to interfere with the mourning, or to give Russia a pretext for a diplomatic quarrel with the Polish

    Founded in the mid-90s World Congress of the Chechen nation is committed to the objective of maintaining a community Chechens from the Caucasus and the diaspora, as well as the interests of the Chechen representation in the international arena.

    - The war waged continuously since the early 90 made the Chechens, and perhaps never in its history are divided, and never had so many usurpers zawłaszczających the role of Chechen leaders - says Teps, constitutionalist lawyer from St. Petersburg. - One of the key objectives of the meeting in Warsaw will be clarifying conflicts of Chechen communities and leaders to attempt to find unity.

    On the outside Warsaw you leave Congress some 200 representatives of the Chechen diaspora in Russia, Western Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America. Arrive too emissaries fighting in the Caucasus mountains guerrillas. Teps expects a dozen delegates from Chechnya.

    - Do not we invited representatives of the pro-Russian government in Grozny, as designated by the Kremlin President Ramzan Kadyrov we consider the usurper and the Moscow official, and not representative of the Chechen community - says Teps. - The Polish, however, come from the Caucasus, not only supporters of Chechen independence, but also those who believe that our interest in friendship and cooperation with Russia. During the Polish meetings we also want to remind the world about the ongoing war in Chechnya is still and open your eyes to the fact that each year becomes more and more violent turn, and it threatens not only the radicalization of the Caucasus and Russia, but also Europe. We also require creation of an international tribunal to try war crimes committed in the Caucasus, to clarify the fate of more than 20 thousand. persons missing without a trace. Finally, we want to talk about how to break the Caucasian war, for which we winowajczyniÄ™ Russia.

    To be elected a Polish Ahmad Zakayev, who lives in London, the leader of the Chechen independence movement, the successor presidents Dzhokhar Dudayev and Aslan Maskhadov, who died in wars with the Russians.

    In 2000, during the World Chechen Congress in Copenhagen Nation Russians demanded that the Danes that Zakayev was arrested. Zakayev was detained but released into the wild, because the Russian authorities have failed to establish his guilt.

    Also in Britain, where he lived, won a hearing before a London court for extradition to Russia. - I got the invitation and support the aims and objectives of the Congress of the Chechen nation - Zakayev said in a telephone interview with Gazeta. "

    Deni Teps claims that Chechen Congress in Warsaw will not lead to a diplomatic quarrel between Moscow and Warsaw. - The Russians have caused a scene in Copenhagen and very much regret, because we have given the publicity of our case - says Teps. - Today the Kremlin is trying to diminish the importance of Congress rather than the institute because of his quarrels, which only would allow us free publicity. For the sake of our hosts did not intend to give anyone reason to fuss. Besides, Russia is now too serious and real problems in the Caucasus, to deal with us.

    Więcej... Zjazd Czeczenów w Polsce. Już w czwartek

    What will be the reaction of Russia.

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