Cheating scandal - J&K Congress education minister help his son clear his 10th board

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    Cheating scandal: Crime branch report indicts Jammu and Kashmir education minister

    Srinagar, February 9, 2012

    The crime branch of Jammu and Kashmir Police has indicted Education Minister Peerzada Mohammed Sayeed for using unfair means to help his son clear his 10th board exams.

    Headlines Today accessed the police report which says the Congress leader's son was assisted in clearing not one, but two class X papers in 2009 board exams.

    The report says that officials of both the board and the education department were involved in the scandal. It says Urdu and Maths papers of the minister's son, Imam Sauban, were written by a senior education department official.

    The report also established that prior to the exams the board allowed Sauban's migration from one examination to another favourable one.

    However, speaking to Headlines Today, senior information officer of the state board denied allegations against its members.

    The crime branch report has put the state Congress in a tricky situation. While the Congress has been trying to buy time, Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has forwarded the report to the party's national president Sonia Gandhi.

    With the crucial Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections under way, the Congress has its task cut out to take a hard decision.

    J&K Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Monga said, "We have not seen the crime branch report and it is premature to talk of resignation of Peerzada Mohammed Sayeed... we cannot say his direct involvement in unfair means of his son's metric examination."

    On the other side, the Opposition has been using the scandal to target the chief minister. PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti said Abdullah should step down as the chief minister in the wake of the scandal.

    Cheating scandal: Crime branch report indicts Jammu and Kashmir education minister : North News - India Today
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    Politicians can do anything in India:hail:
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    That's no cheating.

    That is called assisting through the 'influence' of intelligence!

    And anyway, the Milaster is a Peerzada!

    I am amused that these days this rhetoric of demanding that Head of Govt should resign for anything and everything . It is indicative of intellectual doldrums of Indian politics.
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    Podigai Hills.
    so what exactly are you suggesting for this???

    I personally think the culprit should and must step down and resign,though asking sonia to step down(????) Is stupid. But we can ask sonia to step down for several other reasons though( oneG, otherG, next G, that G- you name it)

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