Celebrated intelligence officer Maloy Krishna Dhar passed away.

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    While searching for some old articles, I came to know that MK Dhar passed away last month. Couldn't find anything on the forum.

    New Delhi: Maloy krishna Dhar, one of India’s best known spies died in hospital on 19th May 2012. A man whose childhood memory was being huddled in a train with his mother escaping bloody Partition riots without much to his name, and then rose to become a senior IPS officer who never once compromised his values for short term gain or political expedience, a bestselling author whose first book was published at the age of 56 and went on to write close to a dozen books. His wife passed away sometime back and has a son.

    MK Dhar was born in Kamalpur, Bhairab-Mymensingh in East Bengal, which is now Bangladesh. He finished his education with a Masters
    degree in Bengali Literature and Language and Comparative Literature from Calcutta University. He taught in a college and worked as a junior staff reporter before joining the Indian Police Service in 1964. He was drafted to the Central Intelligence Bureau in 1968. He rose to the position of Joint Director, Intelligence Bureau. maloy has been associate with tackling militancy in North East, Sikkim, Punjab, and Kashmir, where he handled important political, counterterrorism, counterinsurgency and counterintelligence operations.
    Open Secrets: India’s Intelligence Unveiled, Open Secrets, Fulcrum of Evil: ISI-CIA-Al Qaeda Nexus are among his most notable books.

    India's best known Spy Master Maloy Krishna Dhar Passes away - Frontier India - News, Analysis, Opinion
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