Caught on camera accepting bribe, 23 cops still on the job

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    Caught on camera accepting bribe, 23 cops still on the job - Indian Express

    As many as 23 policemen, who were found taking bribes following a sting operation, are still working with the Delhi Police. A year and a half later, police have not been able to decide on the action to be taken against the tainted officers.

    The High Court on Wednesday questioned the lack of action against the 23 officers, and sought an explanation from the force.

    Petitioner Chetan Sharma had shot police personnel accepting bribes on his camera. The tapes had led to the suspension of more than 130 policemen. Recently, Sharma returned to the court, seeking information on the status of his complaints.

    Court expressed concern over the police’s “lack of will” and summoned the investigating officer of the case, an Additional Commissioner of Police, on the next date of hearing — along with original records of the investigation.

    A division bench of Acting Chief Justice A K Sikri and Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw said it was “forced” to monitor the investigation as the Delhi Police had failed to perform its duty.

    The court was hearing a petition filed by Sharma, alleging that the police and other authorities failed to complete the probe and take action against more than 50 policemen, out of which 33 were seen receiving bribe on camera and 23 — holding the ranks of Sub-Inspector, Assistant Sub-Inspector, head constable and constable — were identified.

    The court also went through the status reports filed by the Central Vigilance Commission and the Delhi Police. The bench noted that the Commission had expressed “helplessness” in proceeding against the policemen, for want of co-operation from other departments. The police report, on the other hand, showed a “dismal status of the probe”.

    “The problem is that the allegations are against the police officers, and the inquiry is being conducted by their counterparts. It seems that they will want to protect their men. Why a case of this nature consumed one-and-a-half years, and the inquiry still remains to be completed, is anybody’s guess,” said the bench.

    Appearing for the police, Najmi Waziri advocated stern action against the policemen found guilty of accepting bribes. “Such conducts by some of the police officers is a blot on the entire force, and they must be brought to book,” he said.

    The next date of hearing is February 15.
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    kya baat kar raha punjab 50,000 policiye are caught every day on cam taking bribe...they are still on job and doing fine in life
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    It will be sad to see that India's true potential will never be realized because of it's inherently flawed system of law and order (along with many other fundamental tools of general governance).
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    Oh please we still have not heard any verdict on those INVOLVED in 1.6L crore theft called 2G... the politicians are on a race for looting an already looted country... Every SOB politician who is an MLA or MP own atleast hundreds of crores once they become that..... and here we are bitching about petty thefts as usual........
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    Getting caught on cam is other way of curruption in India.
    when your officer sees that, he will ask you curroption for not suspending you... and your officer pays some money to media persons and take back the tape and gives it too the same officer.....
    this happens as this is India,
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    To imagine that it has taken more than one and a half years to 'investigate' red-handed thievery with no result!

    And we should not have the Lok Pal to investigate the lower echelons!

    Petty theft are easier to dispose off since they are straight forward. The thefts at the higher echelon is difficult to investigate, process and convict.

    If Raja is guilty and he did it on his own, he must be a Superman amongst Thieves!
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