Caste is Hardly an Impediment for ‘Homecoming Hindus’

Discussion in 'Religion & Culture' started by Manas7, Dec 27, 2014.

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    Caste is Hardly an Impediment for ‘Homecoming Hindus’ | Swarajya


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    I am not aware of any concept of conversion in Hinduism. Those chirping and trying to convert people into hinduism know little what Hindu dharma is. Calling nd naming someone a Hindu or Muslim or nything doesn't make them one. Believing and self learning does. Hinduism does not care nor does it know of other religions because it teaches philosophies and morality and other knowledge gained since it's inception to all human kind, Hinduism does not divide humans as anything more or less but these fake Yogi and Saints like Shankaracharya don't understand that.

    They need to learn their faith and promote good Karma and humanity and brotherhood which is what our faith has been for as long as our history of civilization goes which is why Hinduism is considered a different faith than others; a "Sanatan Dharma", a tolerant faith preaching spirituality and enlightment of souls unlike others who just take some self proclaimed messengers of God and follow their words as law blindly no matter what the reason behind those may be.

    This agenda of RSS, Modi and BJP to convert people actually makes them non believers who want to make "Gita" national scriptures, yet they don't understand what it is about. If you want people to follow or believe your faith, you ought to influence them through reasons. BJP is ruining Indian culture and values of past instead of promoting it.

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