Candidates opting out a fresh headache for AAP

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    Candidates opting out a fresh headache for AAP

    NEW DELHI: In a fresh setback to Aam Aadmi Party, four candidates including those pitted against high profile opponents like central ministers Salman Khurshid and Sachin Pilot withdrew nominations on Monday citing lack of party support or alleging corruption in the party.

    Candidates from Farukkhabad, Etah and Agra in Uttar Pradesh and Ajmer in Rajasthan withdrew, giving credence to criticism that the party had spread itself too thin and was unable to offer significant support to its candidates or has not been able to vet them adequately.

    The withdrawals come after AAP expelled some UP activists following allegations of bribes being sought for tickets and an uneven response to the party's national campaign apart from some exceptions like Chandigarh.

    Journalist-turned-social activist Mukul Tripathi, contesting against foreign minister Salman Khurshid, withdrew his candidature saying, "I have returned the ticket and left the party as I am not getting any support from the organization... There is corruption in the internal organization.''

    He claimed that his attempts to reach AAP leader Sanjay Singh proved futile and he had spent money out of his own pocket.

    Tripathi's withdrawal is a blow to AAP since he was responsible for bringing to light an alleged scam regarding purchase of equipment for the differently abled by Khurshid-led Zakir Hussain Trust. Others like Dilip Yadav from Etah, Ravinder Singh from Agra and Ajay Somani from Ajmer have also dropped out.

    AAP sources said this had led to serious concern within the party about ticket distribution. "This has become a shortcoming of the party due to shortage of time and haste. We need systemic reform but that can be done only after the elections,'' the leader said. Sources said in some cases the party had received complaints about the candidate's image after public scrutiny and had asked the person to withdraw.

    When asked if the party was indeed worried about the recent dropouts, AAP leader Manish Sisodia said, "We had publicly announced that we would not be able to provide financial support or resources to candidates. It is an election of the aam aadmi and those who feel they cannot challenge the status quo can leave. This is the new kind of politics.''

    On the issue of complaints against party's candidates like Khaled Parvez who was given a ticket from Moradabad and were later asked to leave, another AAP leader Prashant Bhushan said, "We will cancel tickets of candidates if we receive complaints even at the last minute. We would much rather let the seat go vacant.'' AAP also had to expel Awadh convener Aruna Singh following complaints of corruption in ticket distribution.

    Candidates opting out a fresh headache for AAP - The Times of India


    Why are the candidates claiming that there is corruption in the AAP. Lack of support is understandable, but corruption?

    I thought AAP is against corruption.

    Tripathi was the high profile person who exposed how Khurshed duped the disable to feather his own nest, and the issue is still undeer investigation, though it may never see the light of the day.

    Tripathi would surely have defeated Khurshed, whose own wife had lost and with Tripathi going on to prove that Jhurshed was not a straight Joe, Khurhsed would have lost hands down.

    The BJP will surely claim that AAP and the Congress are hands in glove!
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