Can’t fire navyman for affair, link to foreigner: SC

Discussion in 'Indian Navy' started by Ray, Mar 11, 2015.

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    This is another of the ruling where the mind apparently does not appear to have been exercised because the wise men are unaware of the ethos that govern service behaviour to make it a bit more responsible to the service and to the organisation.

    Service personnel, be they officers or PBOR, unlike the civil society are deployed for long stretches operationally and are away from their families. The families are in peace stations which also have units doing their peace tenure. People including separated families meet in Clubs, OR Clubs, the market place, entertainment places and so on.

    The fact that there are such strict Army, Navy and Air Force laws leading to court martial and dismissal including cashiered wherein one cannot have illicit sex, consensual or otherwise, ensures that the men folk in operational areas can have mental satisfaction that their families will be well looked after without having to worry about any violation of, or turbulence in marital life, caused by molestation, rape or illicit sex.

    Now, if the SC feels that illicit sex with consent is not any grounds for dismissal or cashiering, then can the menfolk in operational areas be sure that all will be well at home? And will that constant worry not affect operational duty. Of course, one could say that one should have faith in his wife etc. True. But in today's world where morality is influenced by global promiscuity, to believe it will not affect all, is living in an ideal world and a fool's paradise.

    Further, having contact with foreigners and that too with females can lead to honey traps and compromising national security. Thus, it is not encouraged in the Defence Forces.

    If a foreigner marries an Indian, does it mean that foreigner has been washed in the Ganges and cannot be a spy?

    The morality of the Defence Forces are on the wane and the SC ruling will sink it to an abysmal depth wherein they will not be able to recover and it will be to the detriment of National Security and Operational Efficiency.

    That is why, while the Judges are wise old owls, sometimes they get everything a bit wonky and opening avenues to disaster.

    In UK, if one recalls the famous 'Profumo and Chirstine Keeler case'. It was about the Defence Minister Profumo having sex with a call girl Keeler. Keeler was also having sex with the Soviet Defence Attache.

    Even though Profumo had no direct contact with the Soviet Defence Attache, the Defence Minister had to resign and the Govt of the day was in the dock!

    Note the difference.
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    The SC is dead wrong. The military is not a democracy let alone a liberal one. Armed forces should not be under the purview of the civilian justice system.

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