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    OTTAWA, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – Sept. 19, 2013) – Major-General Christian Rousseau, commander of the Canadian Forces Intelligence Command, presided yesterday over a ceremony marking the creation of the Canadian Forces Intelligence Group. This move unites five previously separate intelligence units under a single commander, and will provide integrated intelligence collection to the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces.

    “Defence intelligence is an integral part of military operations and activities,” said the Honourable Rob Nicholson, Minister of National Defence. “The establishment of the Canadian Forces Intelligence Group will enable Canadian commanders to conduct a more integrated analysis, and make better and more informed decisions.”

    The five existing units that have been collected into the new command are the Canadian Forces Joint Imagery Centre, the Canadian Forces National Counter-Intelligence Unit, the Joint Meteorological Centre, the Mapping and Charting Establishment, and Joint Task Force X, which provides human intelligence support to overseas missions.

    “Placing our five intelligence collection units under a single commander will allow us to better integrate our activities,” said Major-General Rousseau. “The new group will help synchronize and prioritize intelligence collection to the benefit of the whole defence community; a transformative and exciting change indeed.”

    With the stand-up of the Intelligence Group, the Canadian Forces Intelligence Command is now also operational. Established from and replacing the Chief of Defence Intelligence organization, this new command will allow for better coordination of intelligence across all Canadian Armed Forces operations.

    Backgrounder on the organization:

    In November 2004, the Chief of Defence Intelligence organization was created to meet the heightened demand for defence intelligence. Falling under the authority of the Vice-Chief of the Defence Staff, this organization became the functional authority within the Department of National Defence (DND) and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) for defence intelligence and the central source for related policy and program direction.

    As part of its commitment to review programs and procedures on an ongoing basis, it was determined that defence intelligence activities would be strengthened by bringing all intelligence collection capabilities under a single formation. Furthermore, placing the head of defence intelligence at level with other operational commanders would allow for better coordination of intelligence across all CAF operations.

    Accordingly, on 27 June 2013, the Minister of National Defence established the Canadian Forces Intelligence Command, or CFINTCOM. When compared to its predecessor, CFINTCOM will focus less on process and more on delivering mission-focused, outcome-oriented advice to commanders and decision makers. This organization will be better able to respond to evolving intelligence requirements in today’s complex security environment. Integrating existing units will make CFINTCOM more effective by reducing the number of headquarters and command staff to 10 percent of the organization.

    The primary formation within the CFINTCOM is the Canadian Forces Intelligence Group. Its role is to provide intelligence officers and integrated intelligence collection services to the CAF and DND. The Group draws from five existing units:

    Canadian Forces Joint Imagery Centre (CFJIC) – This unit provides accurate, timely, and relevant imagery and related intelligence in support of DND, the CAF, and national security interests.
    Canadian Forces National Counter-Intelligence Unit (CFNCIU) – Their mission consists of identifying, investigating and countering threats to the security of the DND/CAF. These may come from foreign intelligence services, or from individuals and groups engaged in espionage, sabotage, subversion, terrorism, extremism, or criminal activities.
    Joint Meteorological Centre (JMC) – Knowledge of the weather has been a requirement for success in military operations throughout history. The Centre is the home of weather forecasting and briefing for the CAF, as well as the source of operational training and force generation of meteorological technicians for deployment and employment at CAF weather offices.
    Mapping and Charting Establishment (MCE) – Using satellite technologies, this group provides timely and accurate mapping and charting support to both the DND/CAF and other government departments.
    Joint Task Force X (JTF-X) – This group provides strategic, operational and tactical human intelligence resources in support of DND programs and CAF operations. These are conducted only on overseas missions within the construct of a Task Force.

    @Canadian Forces Intelligence Group Created – Move Brings Five Previously Separate Units Under A Single Commander | Ottawa Citizen

    Is our Military Intelligence anything like this? I request the seniors to shed light on this.
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