Cameroon displays new Chinese armour

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    Cameroon displays new Chinese armour - IHS Jane's 360
    Jeremy Binnie, London - IHS Jane's Defence Weekly
    20 May 2014

    Cameroon is the first known user of the Type 07P infantry fighting vehicle. Source: Présidence de la République du Cameroun

    Cameroon paraded the Chinese armoured vehicles that it has recently acquired during its 42nd National Day on 20 May. The new vehicles include Type 07P infantry fighting vehicles and PTL-102-type tank destroyers and represent a major improvement in the country's armoured forces.

    Made by Poly Technologies, the 8x8 Type 07P has a three-man crew and can carry seven dismounts. It has a one-man turret with a 30 mm gun and a coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun. The command vehicle variant of the Type 07P was also on display in the parade. Cameroon is the first known user of both variants.

    The PTL-02 tank destroyer that is in service with China's People's Liberation Army consists of the chassis of the WZ551 6x6 armoured personnel carrier and a turret with a 100 mm gun. A version called the Assaulter was developed for the export market with a new turret mounting a 105 mm gun.

    Cameroon's new tank destroyers do not have the same turret as the Assaulter, but are nevertheless reported to have a 105 mm gun. (Présidence de la République du Cameroun)

    The Cameroonian version has a turret that looks more like the one on the original PTL-02 than the one on the Assaulters that were delivered to Chad, but military sources indicated that the vehicles have the larger calibre gun when they told the Cameroon Tribune that they are known as the CARA 105 mm.

    The newspaper reported that the Armoured Reconnaissance Brigade (BBR) has two platoons of Type 07P vehicles and three platoons of CARA 105 mm tank destroyers.

    The parading of the Cameroonian Army's new Chinese vehicles comes after it was revealed that two naval vessels are being built for the country in China by Poly Technologies.

    A number of unidentified light armoured vehicles with remote weapon stations were also seen during the parade.

    Chinese also exports Z-9WA helicopters to Cameroon

    Z-9WA exported to Kenya

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