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    Some idiot country
    Im a polytheist activist and I am against the extinction of the lifeforms and against monotheism.

    My whole life im being active against monotheism and the destruction of nature. Im now at the point where I need help and support from the religion and community, but... it seems not exist anymore? It is now monotheist too and destroying all life? Right? You all believe in God now and work now for the Vatican and Israel and wipe out all nature.

    Im in a life threatening situation, but it seems impossible to get help because a polytheist party seems not to exist anymore. A party that prioritizes the preservation of the nature over the monotheist civilization is not existing, also not in India. So I will die with the other lifeforms.
    Its seems impossible to get help because Hindus have become monotheist too, and India works together with Israel and USA on the extinction of all life.

    This is my situation. I call for help, if there is somehow someone reading this, that is a polytheist and against the world extinction and the monotheists, please contact me.

    May "God" be with you, or something
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    Is this hello10?
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