CAG report slams Delhi Police for not utilizing funds earmarked.

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    The CAG report has slammed Delhi police for not utilizing funds earmarked for the modernization of the communication branch. It has also pulled up the law enforcing agency for failing to physically implement the intelligent traffic system in March 2012 due to deficient planning, thereby depriving users of a world class traffic system, apart from an unfruitful expenditure of Rs 7.50 crore.

    According to the report, the manual of policies and procedures of enforcement of policies of employment of consultants were openly flouted. "Audit observed that no CEC (consulting evaluation committee) was formed by Delhi police to monitor the implementation process. As a result, RITES were appointed directly even though it did not have requisite technical experience for a whopping Rs 176.10 crore. RITES ultimately delegated the work to a third party. As far as integrated data communication network was concerned, most of the superior speed cyber highway remained under-utilized. For example, the intra DP connection was not provided in one of the four police districts surveyed by CAG, and 36 cameras located at nine locations installed by the traffic unit as early as 2007 were found not to be connected with the highway."

    "Delhi police did not effectively implement plan schemes during the 11th five year plan. Some schemes were continuing from the previous plan period as well. Absence of adequate monitoring mechanisms and deficient financial control led to incorrect appropriations apart from the underutilization of resources, under the schemes.

    Intelligence traffic system was introduced during the Commonwealth Games, but with non-implementation of CVSS, prosecution rate fell down sharply after January 2012. Communication unit purchased eight gypsies in July 2011, but were not utilized till 2012," CAG observed. In addition, the MHA approved the proposal of Delhi police to expand the existing advanced vehicle tracking system to locate vehicles that they were used to commit crimes. The digital voice logger was approved too, which helped better communication between the control room and the police van. However, the Rs 3.47 crore sanctioned for this purpose was never utilized.

    link :: CAG report slams Delhi Police for not utilizing funds earmarked for modernization - The Times of India

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