By neglecting the economic paradigm Pakistan has become irrelevant to

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    Indeed, Pakistan is no longer relevant to Indian national or domestic perceptions.

    It is a fact that Pakistan has actually become irrelevant to the Indian outlook and progress story that is encompassing the rest of the neighborhood and the world.

    The Indian Govt dispensation and the majority of Indians are from the population that are far into the post Independence generation and no baggage of the pre Partition days of the mirage like fondness that Manmohan had for Gah or Valpayee's dream of trade as before from Peshawar to Kolkata.

    The new dispensation thus is pragmatic and is stitching up win win relationship that assist the neighbourhood and India and unite pan Asia in an economic mutual benefit.

    It is obvious that all this will take time, but that it is fructifying is evident and the shoots of the same is seen germinating to the overall good of India, the neighbourhood and Asia.

    Sadly, Pakistan being its usual churlish self, is being left out in the cold.

    It will only look to near West where its military will go to the assistance of Saudi Arabia, get further involved in bloodshed and blood letting and face the deathlike consequences in Pakistan when the virus hits them home.
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