British spy agency MI5 tried to get rid of Krishna Menon

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    MI5 Krishna Menon news-British spy agency MI5 tried to get rid of Krishna Menon

    London: Britain's spy agency MI5 made a determined bid to "get rid" of India's first High Commissioner to the UK, V K Krishna Menon because of his pro-Soviet leanings but failed due to strong backing from then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, according to a new book.

    "The attempt to oust High Commissioner V K Krishna Menon failed because of the support of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru," the book: "The Defence of the Realm: The Authorised History of MI5" by Professor Christopher Andrew released today says.

    The matter was considered too sensitive to be recorded officially. But the book says Guy Liddel, a prominent deputy director general of MI5 had noted in his personal diary that he had told a joint intelligence committee," We were doing what we would to get rid of Krishna Menon."

    Menon was held in "deep distrust not only by the British spy agencies but also by T G Sanjevi, the head of independent India's first domestic security service, the Delhi Intelligence Branch," the book says.

    In 1933 the MI5, Britain's military intelligence agency, had obtained a Home Office Warrant on Menon on the grounds that he was an "important worker in the Indian revolutionary movement" with links to the Communist Party of Great Britain.

    "Fears of Menon's pro-Soviet sympathies were well founded. On at least one occasion during his later political career in India, the KGB, former Soviet spy agency, paid his election expenses," the book claimed.
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    Mr Krishna Menon was a great bureaucrat. But, he seems to be a man, very complicated in communication, or in perception. The goings-on in New Delhi and Beijing during, and before the Sino-Indian war were very ...complicated? The Chinese invaded India. And India didn't think the invasion was happening, when it did. The soldiers on the front did not communicate to Delhi, that an invasion was happening. Bringing reinforcements to the eastern front was never an option, after the Chinese were in India. Who was the person in charge of defence, in the bureaucracy? The army didn't know, on the front, that an invasion was building up. They were not equipped to meet the enemy. What if China knew about this state of affairs on the eastern front, and in New Delhi? Whom did they interact with? Mr Krishna Menon.
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    And they missed the opportunity. Damn them limeys.
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    they should have get rid of him, we paid heavy price because of him.
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    We did the first mistake by giving Mr. Nehru the seat and the second mistake was Nehru's slogan of HINDI-CHINI BHAI BHAI was also supported by us(the public). We are at fault. At least now we have to oust them out from our country. After Madam Sonia, now the bloddy damaad says that he will enter Indian politics if people of India want him to do so and says he will serve the people of India. After all these years of fake Gandhi's ruling, now Robert Vadra wants to rule the people of India and we Indians are ready to accept even him as our ruler. Shame on the people of India. Don't we have our own people to rule us in India. We still want to be under foreign rule. When will we realize and think on our own ?
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    I think the article mentions removing krishna menon as ambasador to UK, not physically eliminating him..
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    The general response shows that we all wanted him killed!..but then we would have never known how bad he was, and would blame the British again Lol..

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