British anti-Islam 'street army' wants to hold demo in Amsterdam

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    The website reports that the fiercely anti-Islamic movement English Defence League intends to hold a demonstration in Amsterdam on 30 October.
    The EDL, of which most members are football hooligans, made headlines last year because of its often violent protests. The planned demonstration is intended to express support for Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders, who just two days later will hear the verdict in a case filed against him for 'inciting racism'.
    The Dutch equivalent of the EDL, the Dutch Defence League, says on its website that it will join the demonstration, as will the French Defence League. Other anti-Islamic groups from across Europe reportedly also want to join the demonstration.
    A spokesperson for the Amsterdam city council has confirmed that the EDL has announced its intention "to hold a demonstration on 30 October in Museum Square". The spokesperson said it is not necessary to apply for permission, but the council must be informed about any planned protests. She had no information about possible additional security measures.
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