Britain nuclear sub secret revealed

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    BUNGLING Ministry of Defence workers have laid bare *Britain’s nuclear *submarine secrets to our enemies.

    A classified government report into the subs’ *vulnerabilities has been published online with key parts blacked out to prevent *sensitive material getting into the wrong hands.

    But a massive blunder has meant anyone with basic computer knowledge could reverse the censorship – and read every word of the *previously “restricted” report.

    It reveals how easy it would be to cause a Fukushima-style reactor meltdown in a sub and details the *capabilities of US vessels.

    The report was published on Parliament’s website after a Freedom Of Information request by anti-nuclear *campaigners.

    Much of the most revealing information, entire pages in some cases, was blacked out to prevent the *secrets from getting into the wrong hands.

    But in what was described as “a schoolboy *error” the technique used by MoD staff to censor the *document was easy to reverse. The bunglers turned the text background black – making the words unreadable – but crucially left them in place. That meant anyone wanting to read the censored sections just had to copy the text.

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