Bridge collapses 4 hours after Rahul Gandhi inspects it

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    Bridge collapses 4 hours after Rahul Gandhi inspects it


    October 14, 2011

    Bundelkhand: A bridge that was being built at a cost of two crores in Bundelkhand collapsed four hours after Congress leader Rahul Gandhi visited the site.

    On Wednesday, local politicians and Rita Bahuguna Joshi who heads the Congress in Uttar Pradesh, escorted Mr Gandhi to the bridge. They say they wanted to show him that substandard material is often used for public projects in this part of Uttar Pradesh

    The Centre has sanctioned 7200 crore to the UP government for the development of this region. Of this, so far less than 10 per cent of the funding has been used, which is bound to become an election issue.

    Uttar Pradesh is scheduled to vote in the next few months, and the election will be among the most interesting and significant political play-offs, with Mr Gandhi taking on Chief Minister Mayawati.

    The bridge that fell apart was being built on the Kariya Nala, which is a tributary of the Ken River, and was meant to connect the Hardauli village to Banda city.

    Mayawati's government alleges that someone deliberately destroyed the bridge by weakening parts that were under construction. The UP state government has also said that action will be taken against Ms Joshi and the others for endangering Mr Gandhi's life by taking him to a site that was under-construction.
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    He is damn unlucky for the nation and the people (he is jinxed) ......he is only there to manage the Gandhi family's loot of the nation, that too if he can (manage)! ;)
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    Land of the GODS - "Dev Bhomi".
    was it really a coincidence or a sabotage?

    i really dont take all this on face value!

    though, i am not trying to give a clean chit to mayawait either.

    if its a sabotage, its not going to help rahul revive congress in UP as was done in the general elections, if its a coincidence, god save us indians from all the crooks out there.

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