Bravery not enough: Honor and value counts

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    What is Today's Indian Army

    A Institution where Honor bravery go hand in hand with corruption and pre independence values

    Be it officers or men, somewhere down the road the root values have been shaken, or is it just Indian race which brings dishonorable men among the courageous , dignified soldiers. From the early days our race has been maligned with the people who betrayed the nation for their own cause. From the police services that were beating their own people on britishers order and killing them. Be it the Jalian wala bagh massacre or killing of lala lajpat rai, all these stories account for dishonorable men being in the services.

    Is Army a job, carrier or a service to the nation. Well its a combination of the three to my eyes but the problem comes when job and a carrier comes before service to the nation. This article i am writing is not to undermine the efforts of the courageous, honorable and men of integrity of the Indian Army but the moles that slip buy and bring shame to the impeccable institution that is the Indian Army.

    Is the screening method at Service selection board is not fool proof( attended the 19th SSB myself) or these moles are reflection of our society. You can make a soldier out of a man but you cannot make gentleman out of man. Are these values being overlooked when the selection of the officers are concerned. 50,000 and more officers take the coveted commands of the armed forces. Indian army has rampant corruption eating its roots, which are destroying it integral values. Its the dishonorable face of our society that has reached inside the structure of army and its eating it up from inside and its promoting values from inside out.

    The case that we hear become too big to be suppressed but the matter of fact is corruption is prevalent in the army. Whistle blowers are demoted, subdued and harassed. Why are these few rotten apple spoiling others and why they are having the way in the army.
    Does the officers have to be further scrutinized while joining the army or SSB needs a revamp.


    Bravery is not enough : honor counts

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