BrahMos-A wind tunnel test completed

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    BrahMos-A wind tunnel test completed, many firsts |

    The Bangalore-based National Aerospace Laboratory (NAL) has carried out crucial drop tests of the air-launched BrahMos-A from a Su-30MKI fighter model in a 1.5 m Low Speed Wind Tunnel to “estimate the actual trajectory of the missile at different conditions of the aircraft in a record time”.

    NAL says it has also successfully conducted the captive and isolated strain gauge tests to generate highly accurate data needed for the BrahMos-A in Tri-sonic wind tunnels. According to NAL, dynamic store separation trials in a wind tunnel have been successfully conducted for the first time in the country.

    Ground trials of the Su-30MKI modified for the BrahMos mission will commence shortly at Nashik. If executed successfully, the BrahMos will be test-fired from a Su-30MKI in the firing ranges of the Thar Desert by early next year. NAL is also standing by to provide wind tunnel proof services on the BrahMos-Mini and BrahMos-II, which has already begun.
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