BPO girl’s killer to hang

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    BPO girl’s killer to hang


    I have never heard such tripe as what the defence lawyer said - argued for a life term saying Purshottam Borate, 28, and Pradeep Kokade, 23, were young enough to reform and had widowed mothers to take care of.

    So, they have widowed mothers to take care of?

    How come they did not think about the same when they killed the girl in such a heinous and cold blooded manner and showed no remorse?!

    Such societal social horrors moving around as human beings should be given the treatment like that in China. Case heard, judgement given, taken outside and shot.

    None of the labyrinthine rigmarole of the Indian legal system of appeals till the cows come home and indolent Presidents giving their pardon en mass (as if distributing sweets to children on Diwali) as we have seen done recently with the last President.
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