BoxTV - Indian counterpart to Netflix launched !

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    BoxTV launched in alpha in September 2012 — racking up an impressive 100,000 requests — and features more than 17,000 hours of content TV and movie content.
    International studios including Sony Pictures Television, Disney UTV and Celestial Entertainment are on board to provide Hollywood content, while domestic equivalents UTV Motion Pictures, Shemaroo Entertainment, Rajshri Entertainment and Everymedia Technologies are providing the India-focused programming.

    Box offers a basic service with ads for free, but access to premium content is restricted to customers that pay INR199 per month in India ($4.99 overseas), for the all-you-can-eat subscription package. That’s actually an introductory price, so it could change in the future.

    Times Internet says that the free-to-view content will be a mix of older programming or content that is available publicly on sites like YouTube. Its content push is towards a paid-for movies and TV shows. Though it won’t mirror Netflix in creating its own content, Gajwani says it will help some studios digitize their catalogue for the first time


    Initially available on the Web only, Times Internet says that the service will be available on multiple platforms, Times Internet says it has plans to support iOS and Android, as well as streaming boxes like Roku. The apps are being shown off at Ad:Tech in New Delhi this week, but Gajwani expects them to launch “over the next couple of days”.

    The site supports six different languages, providing regional support for Indians that prefer their local option instead of English.

    Some of the older content is understandably not as crisp as you might expect, but newer films run well. The option to run a lights-off mode (which blackens out the background in the browser to highlight the video player pane) and scene skip are two nice features.

    The service is rivaled by Singapore-based Spuul and, to a lesser extent Viki, which includes India among its wide global focus. Spuul is coming at things from a very different angle. Aside from the difference in company size, Spuul already has apps for Android, iOS and Facebook and is singularly focus on Indian content-only.

    full article Indian Video Content Site BoxTV Launches
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    Not going to work as long as the Broadband speeds are sluggish in India. The company is wasting its money.
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    Also the industry should make better movies. I would rather watch a subtitled Bengali or Tamil movie than watch the substandard razzmataz dished out by hindi film industry

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