Border region of J-K against azadi, division: Interlocutors

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    Unlike their Kashmiri counterparts, the people of border region of Rajouri-Poonch are against the demand for 'azadi' and division of Jammu and Kashmir, the Centre-appointed interlocutors for the state said today.

    "The aspirations of people here in this belt is totally different from that of Kashmir. They are against azadi and division of Jammu and Kashmir. We will raise their demands and suggestions before the Government of India (GOI)," Chief Interlocutor Dileep Padgaonkar told reporters in Rajouri.Ruling out the Kashmir-centric approach, he said that their exercise was not such at all.

    "We believe in taking everybody, every section, every community and three regions onboard to know their demands, suggestions and aspirations to find out a durable political settlement to fulfill aspirations of all the people of Jammu and Kashmir," he said. Padgaonkar along with M M Ansari and Radha Kumar are on a two-day visit to the border districts of Rajouri and Poonch.The interlocutors have met around 43 delegations in Poonch and 13 delegations in Rajouri till today. "Here the people are more inclined towards India. One reason may be that they (the people in the border district) have witnessed many wars and suffered. And they have also faced great hardships due to Pakistani firing. I think they are actually the sufferers of war," Ansari remarked.Most of the delegations which met them were against the division of the state, he said.

    "Some raised local grievances besides employment issues, discrimination with this border district. Some people whose relatives are living on border and whose relatives are living across the border demanded 'irrelevant borders' vis-à-vis PoK," Ansari stated. He denied that the confidence building measures (CBMs) proposed by the panel were Kashmir-centric and criticised the media for negative reporting.
    The former central information commissioner asserted that the CBMs are for people of all the regions of the state.

    Radha Kumar said that Rajouri, Poonch and Doda are most backward and underdeveloped areas of Jammu and Kashmir. People have demanded Development Council and we will recommend it to GOI, she said. The effort of the panel would be to evolve consensus vis-a-vis a political solution to Kashmir, acceptable to all the three regions of Jammu and Kashmir, she added.
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    That puts only the separatists and essentially most Kashmiri Muslims as the source of this problem as compared to the genuine demands of the state. In fact, It has always been the same problem from first day. We should have considered using Ataturk's approach of crushing opposition with brute force rather than worrying about what the US puppy "Human Rights" would say. To hell with that bigoted organization and I think it should be banned in India and only allow a domestic rights group that doesn't meddle in national security matters. What's the worse that will happen? We will make it to a couple of US-sponsored "Black lists"? That's all? And for that MMS and the rest of puppets have to yap and be all foolishly Gandhian? How sad is that!
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    I think the problem is mostly in Srinagar and Sophain and some districts nearby. They don't even have half the states with them.
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    Problem is only in srinagar and one to two isolated areas. Even muslims in rural kashmir dont desire to seperate from India.

    At the end of the day people want food to eat, clothes to wear and roof over there head.

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