Bombing outside Shiite mosque in Pakistan kills 21

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    Bombing outside Shiite mosque in Pakistan kills 21.

    Feb 17, 2012, 11:11 GMT

    Islamabad - At least 21 people were killed Friday when a bomb exploded outside a Shiite mosque in Pakistan's north-western tribal region along the Afghan border, security and health officials said.

    The blast took place in Parachinar, the main city in the Kurram tribal district, as worshippers were leaving the mosque after Friday prayers.

    A security official in Parachinar said the bombing appeared to be a suicide attack, which destroyed several cars parked near the mosque.

    Twenty-one people were confirmed dead and 20 of the 45 injured were in critical condition, an official at Parachnar's main hospital said.

    Hassan Jaan, a spokesman for the Shiite group the Imamia Student Organization, said most of the casualties were Shiite Muslims.

    Kurram has a long history of violence between Shiite and Sunni Muslims. Battles intensified in 2009 when hundreds of well-armed tribesmen attacked each other's villages, leaving hundreds of people dead.

    The fighting was also joined by the Taliban, who belong to the Sunni sect.

    Last year, the Pakistani government arranged a peace deal between the rival groups, but small attacks have continued.

    Bombing outside Shiite mosque in Pakistan kills 21 - Monsters and Critics

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