Bomb disposal, UP style: Grab it, dunk it, beat it

Discussion in 'Internal Security' started by DingDong, Mar 20, 2015.

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    Bomb disposal, UP style: Grab it, dunk it, beat it - The Times of India

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    U.P is really really going to the dogs, as they say metaphorically

    If this is the training standards they have, I am not surprised to find them still 2 centuries behind rest of the country!!


    On one hand we boast of Garud unit of the IAF, the MARCOs of the Navy and the Para units of the Army, praise the special units of Maharashtra, Gujarat and J&K police; then on another hand we have ull-trained and foolhardy cops like this.

    Even a 5 year old these days knows not to use force on an explosive, let alone dunking it in a water tank and beating it with sticks.


    On an even more grim note, finding crude explosives in UP should not be surprising considering the proportion of terrorist-possible population that it holds.

    No offense to my U.P state fellow countrymen, but PLEASE, PLEASE save your state before all hell breaks loose.

    You are making ways for AFSPA to be implemented in your state.

    There are already so many jihadi dens.

    India should ban flights to Saudi and ban labour movement to Saudi Arabia.

    Set up an alternate plan to let them look for employment elsewhere.

    Move to UN and force KSA to release the captive labour they hold by witholding their passports.

    Or else simply tell US to warn them of the consequences of pissing us off.

    This would also mean finding alternate oil suppliers as an economic threat.

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