Bomb attack on FC fort, 20 killed and 50+ wounded - Baloch Republican Army

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    Occupied Balochistan : Baloch Republican Army fighters exploded a time bomb inside the para-military FC (Frontier Constabulary) fort in Dera Bugti on Monday. According to the details, BRA fighters attached a time bomb inside the FC fort in Dera Bugti which went off with a huge explosion.As a result of the blast, 20 personnel of FC were killed at the spot while more than 50 were wounded.

    A sizable part of the fort and Arsenal was completely destructed in the blast and caused heavy damage to the weaponary and other assets of the forces.

    The target of the blast was Arsenal of forces and a meeting of high ranked officers of the occupant forces which was to be held today in the FC fort but it was ancedently cancelled and attended in Sui.We Congratulate the Baloch nation for the successful attack conducted by Baloch Republican Army.
    In Another attack,fighters of baloch Republican Army attacked the Micro office in "Parwaar" area of Mashkay Balochistan.As a reslut of heavy firing, the company faced loses.We warn all the local contractors to refrain from working on contracts of occupant state pakistan and its Government and forces or else they will be targeted.
    Attacks of Baloch Republican Army will continue till complete liberation of Balochistan.
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