Bolivia Looks To China, Brazil For Combat Aircraft

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    Bolivia Looks To China, Brazil For Combat Aircraft

    LA PAZ, Bolivia - Bolivia is looking to buy six combat aircraft from China or Brazil after the U.S. blocked the sale of Czech planes, Defense Minister Walker San Miguel said in remarks published Aug. 31.

    "They could be Chinese or they could be Super Tucanos from Brazil, one or the other," San Miguel was quoted as saying an in interview with the newspaper La Razon.

    He provided few details on the status of negotiations with either country.

    The government of leftist President Evo Morales last year tried to buy six L-159 ALCA two-seater light combat aircraft, made with U.S. components, from the Czech Republic for $58 million.

    But Morales disclosed in July that the sale had been vetoed by Washington.

    Bolivia also has been negotiating to buy arms and equipment from Russia worth about $100 million, including an Antonov aircraft for presidential travel outside the country.

    Bolivia Looks To China, Brazil For Combat Aircraft - Defense News
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    This is the problem of USA u never know they will veto , India should be very careful in buying US equipment

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