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    In the past, Bodos worshipped their forefathers and followed animistic traditions. In recent years, Bodos practice Bathouism, Hinduism and Christianity.Among Christian groups some belong to the Bodo Evangelical Lutheran Church.

    Bathouism is a form worshipping forefathers called Obonglaoree. The sijwu plant (belonging to the Euphorbia genus), is taken as the symbol of Bathou and worshiped. In the Bodo Language Ba means five and thou means deep. Five is a significant number in the Bathou religion.

    A clean surface near home or courtyard is considered as an ideal place for worship. Usually, a pair of arecanut called 'goi' and betel leaf called 'pathwi' could be used as offering. On some occasion, worship offering could include rice, milk, and sugar. For the Kherai Puja, the most important festival of the Bodos, the altar is placed in the rice field. Other important festivals of the Bodos include Hapsa Hatarnai, Awnkham Gwrlwi Janai, Bwisagu and Domashi.

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