Bobby Jindal: India desperate for US leadership

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    The Republican presidential hopeful and Louisiana Governor has generally shied away from identifying closely with the Indian-American community.
    Bobby Jindal, a Republican presidential hopeful and Governor of Louisiana, appeared to fuel social media vitriol against himself amongst Indians this week when he said that nations such as India and Vietnam were “desperate and hungry for American leadership,” even as he rejected the label of “Indian-American.”

    Attacking President Barack Obama’s foreign and domestic policies, Mr. Jindal , who last month threw his hat into the ring along with a large, eclectic mix of 2016 election contenders, said, “I’m tired of hyphenated Americans. We’re not Irish-Americans or Indian-Americans or African-Americans or rich Americans or poor Americans. We’re all Americans.”

    Speaking to conservative news show host Sean Hannity on Fox News, Mr. Jindal, who was originally named “Piyush,” and whose parents emigrated to the U.S. from Punjab, criticised a recent article onWashington Post that spoke about his antecedents arguing, “I was offended by the Washington Postsaying as an Indian-American that you had abandoned the Indian-American community, and something to that effect. I felt that was a racial comment.”

    He hit out at Mr. Obama’s policy towards West Asia and Islamic State saying, “You got a President who… won’t even name the enemy. You’ve got leaders in the Middle East that understand the threat of radical Islamic terrorism. We’ve got a President won’t even say those words!”

    Mr. Jindal has raised the hackles of observers in India with defensive statements about his Indian origins in the past, and has generally shied away from identifying closely with the Indian-American community. He alluded to this once again during the Fox interview.

    He lambasted U.S. media for its criticisms. “Look, they can’t fathom the fact that you can be conservative and smart or that you can look a different way and still be a Christian”.

    A busy campaign tour that he kicked off on June 24 notwithstanding, even conservative media channels like Fox News have called his run for the White House against heavyweights such as like former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton a “long-shot campaign.”

    On the back of his credentials as a strong social conservative, Mr. Jindal’s hopes for the Republican presidential nomination rest upon his appeal amongst evangelical voters.

    He has attacked a wide range of policies advanced by the Obama administration and the U.S. Supreme court, including the Court’s latest ruling on same-sex marriages and its prior support for the President’s landmark healthcare reform.

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    If this is what Bobby Jindal said that - India is dying for attention, then I like him. India has been desperate from 1950 to be friendly with US, but nay, US would turn a deaf ear to India's pleas. They had made up their mind (at the British behest) to be friendly with unstable Pakistan. Nothing India could do to change their mind. Cornered in a Cold War world, India had no choice to be neutral and occasionally throw its lot with the Soviets. This continued for ten years of John Foster Dulles era, who controlled US foreign policy and left behind right winger in the U.S. State Department to maintain these policies even after Dulles was long dead. John F Kennedy tried but failed, he could not overrule the right wingers of the State Department, who loved Pakistan. The latter took full advantage of these policies and built up a military to a formidable level, which meant only one thing, that they are preparing for a war not with the Soviets but with India.

    Two wars of 1965 and 1971 in which U.S. threw its lot behind Pakistan, but of no avail. Pakistan lost. Nixons perifidy of intimidating India with 7th Fleet cannot be forgotten. His Foreign Secretary, Henry Kessinger came from the same school as John Foster Dulles came. India could make no progress in relations with US.

    Now come the Chinese factor. I am talking of the same nation which only twenty years earlier had killed 29,000 American soldiers and wounded countless in Korea. US preferred to be friendly with China and side track India. In just another 30 years, China after receiving a trillion dollars in aid has begun to confront US again. A new war is in the offing, a diplomatic war had already started. But this time, US is afraid that they will loose factories making cheap products for the West in China. Hence US has relented even if Chinese are provocating everybody in the neighbourhood.

    There was a hope that US will turn their attention towards democratic India, than helping dictatorship in China. President Bush became a bit warm towards India, gave them a nuclear deal, which will carry forward India into the big leagues. But, nay - the right wingers in the State Department created one hurdle after another. As President Bush demitted office, again an unknown person in President Obama took over. He completely slowed the process of India-US relations. India was dying for attention, but was getting none. May be, Obama was interested to move ahead but again his worthless Secretary of State in Hillary Clinton prevented any happier moves to engage India. Hillary Clinton smiled a lot at India, but behind the curtains continuously stabbed India (Wikileaks).

    Even if Obama wants to move forward as evident from his meetings and visits to India, but no forward movement anywhere is visible. Indo-US nuclear deal is still waiting to be operationaized. Now these days, Japan is being quoted as the obstacle. But if US want, Japan will withdraw its objections in a jiffy. Since nobody is working, hence India - US relations are gathering dust.

    Such is the state, India - US relations today in 2015.

    Then there is a breath of fresh air when Bobby Jindal says, India is dying to get US attention.

    What should India and Indians in US do? They should wholeheartedly support him.
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    Piyush is such a troll.You can take Indian out of India but you can never take troll out of an Indian. :bounce:
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    soon to be Bengalistan
    We want American leadership just as much we want ebola! That mofos is a coconut through and through, and the idiots who always wishe to find the Indian root in him, is highly mistaken as simply his name changing would have made it clear to anybody. If he comes ever in power, he would create trouble for india more than any other president simply to prove that he is not Indian-american but american.
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    This man is dangerous for India.

    In a right-conservative camp of the US, any non-White needs to be an Uncle Tom to survive.

    He will do more harm than good to India, and his advisers will never allow him to destabilize South Asia to benefit India anyways.
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    The convert will prove his credential by pimping cheap, to be more accepted.
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    Bobby Jindal's Sad, Weird 2016 Campaign Logo Released
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    America seems to fuel a bunch of self-denying subjects suffering from identity crisis and personality disorder. Among them Uncle Toms' such as Piyush as well as reverse-Uncle Tom Pankaj Mishra.


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