Blinded By Ideology

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    19 May 2014
    Jakob De Roover

    [highlight]Instead of seeking to understand why Indians voted for the BJP in such great numbers, they are being presented as an irrational mob ‘misled and intimidated by a mammoth election campaign funded by big business’.[/highlight]

    The European response to the BJP’s landslide victory has been troubling. All too often its analyses of the Indian elections are shockingly one-sided and disparaging towards the Indian voters. Fortunately, this reflects only one dimension of European culture. From The Guardian to The Economist, Modi has been depicted as a Hindu fanatic who bodes ill for India. After the BJP’s victory, many comments took an ugly turn. One piece on the Guardian’s website carries the following title: ‘ NarendraModi and the BJP bludgeoned their way to election victory
    ’. A cartoon depicts a victorious Modi surfing on a landslide with a dark cloud looming over him that says ‘Gujarat riots’. In France, the leading newspaper Le Monde writes that one only has to observe the conduct of this ‘corpulent Hindu extremist’ in order to realize that ‘something very troubling is about to happen in India’.
    We find few attempts by European commentators to understand why Indian citizens voted for the BJP in such great numbers. Instead, they characterize these Indians as an irrational mob that has let its dream of economic growth and a shining India override all ethical considerations. Basically, such analyses transform the BJP voters into cretins and cowards, ‘misled and intimidated by a mammoth election campaign funded by big business’.

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    If BJP were the Lords Resistance Army and Modi, Joseph Kony - The Europeans would have welcomed the change of heart brought about by the faith in Christ.

    Lord's Resistance Army - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Who is this idiot Jakob De Roover? Some frenchi drama queen looking for attention?

    Before shitting from mouth did he even know the massive corruption and unaccountability Congress did?

    EU should concentrate more on how to save their white race overpopulated by Muslims and their women subjugated in Burqa.
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