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    Ok, I'll start. Have Z10, was looking at Q10 or Q5 couldn't wait and don't want to give up bigger screen.

    Virtual keyboard is about good as torch, but bold keyboard still better; unless you send 100's (literraly) texts per day touch screen better.

    Only truck dispatcher and air traffic control need Q10. :p

    Can run all the android apps, have kik, instagram, skype, etc. plus bb security, integrated email, hub, multitasking, and qnx micro kernel os.

    This means I can search 2 or 3 things at a time for example, becasuse it is like search process and not app.

    Many times I open one email, and search app another. Can send photo to fb, or email from camera app; take pictures from picture app, etc. everything is integrated all together.

    Hard to explain, easier to demonstrate. Better to use than PC, but pc much more powerful.

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