BJP to Launch Namo TV in Gujarat

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    Narendra Modi gets Namo TV before polls

    Weeks before Gujarat gets into poll mode, the state BJP is set to launch its own TV channel called ‘Namo Gujarat’, eponymously named after CM Narendra Modi. The channel is expected to start broadcasting next week and trial runs began Monday.

    The channel will be available on GTPL and InCable, the two largest cable TV networks in the state. The channel, expected to be launched by Modi himself, has also tied up with four major vernacular news and entertainment channels for its content. These channels have been showing Modi’s programmes live, including his ‘Vivekananda Vikas Yatra’.

    While much of the programming is expected to be sourced from these channels, Namo Gujarat could also produce some content, sources said.

    “The channel will be available on all cable networks within a week. Other satellite channels will also air the same content,” said a junior minister and close aide of Modi handling the Namo Gujarat project. He, however, declined to discuss the channel’s finances.

    A senior GTPL manager said the company was finalising its contract with Namo Gujarat. “As per the primary contract, this channel will be aired only until the elections. The channel is sponsored by the BJP. They are yet to confirm whether they want to telecast content for 18 hours a day or 24 hours,” the manager said.

    During the 2007 Assembly elections, Modi had launched an IPTV channel called ‘Vande Gujarat’ but the Election Commission had placed restrictions on it following complaints.
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    Yeah i was pleasantly surprised in the morning when i saw NaMo on some unknown channel then i saw the logo and searched on the net and found that they are launching a Channel. Good move.

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