BJP Tells Geelani, Accept You Are Indian To Get Passport From Govt

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    A day after some unnamed top ministers from Mufti cabinet had expressed that their government would ensure hassle free travel documents to hardliner Syed Ali Shah Geelani, BJP on Sunday came out with a statement asking the separatist leader to apologise and accept that he is an Indian to get the passport and other travel documents from the government.

    Khalid Jehangir, the BJP spokesman in Kashmir said, “Passport cannot be given to Geelani till he apologises for the mistakes he has committed during the past 25 years. Passports are issued to Indian citizens and not the ones who don’t believe in India and its democracy.”

    The statement further read, “If Geelani sahib wants the passport then he has to fall in the line and follow law of the land.”

    The BJP spokesman said that if Geelani acknowledges that he is an Indian and he won’t indulge in anti- Indian activities in future, then the government of India will consider his request.

    According to the BJP spokesman’s statement,”Geelani sahib should admit that he has pursued a wrong ideology for his entire life and has pushed people of Jammu and Kashmir towards darkness and wilderness. It’s high time for him to accept his follies and join the mainstream.”

    Earlier, Syed Ali Shah Geelani had applied for obtaining the passport online on Friday along with his wife and son Naseem Geelani. The separatist leader intends to travel to Jeddah to meet his ailing daughter, who lives there and is believed to be in a critical condition and under severe medical observation, a report said.

    Currently, the hardliner does not possess any travel document or the passport as it was seized by the authorities way back in 1981.

    But in 2007 Geelani’s passport was temporarily released on medical grounds for travelling to US, after the intervention of then PM Manmohan Singh.

    The passport was issued through the Tatkal basis and it was valid for just one year.

    While speaking to Focus News Digital, the spokesperson of Geelani’s Hurriyat faction, Ayaz Akbar said, “We won’t beg for the passport and it will be a violation of the basic human right if the passport is not issued. Geelani sahib is not going for a ‘Political Trip’ to Jeddah as he is only wishing to meet his daughter there who is terminally ill.”

    He further added that,”If the documents are not issued to the leader as it is a mere humanitarian issue of father meeting his daughter, it will expose the brutal face of the Indian regime.”
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    Geelani is a ZUNT.

    He would be an insult to the Indian passport.
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    whr invaders hv been eulogised, heroes binned!!
    this could be a golden opportunity to catch this slimy bastard by his neck! shouldn't be missed! and the dhol should be sounded far and wide. i say forcibly involve this agent's 'confidante', the award-winning supreme 5-star rudaali craptivist too in this and make the duo squeal till submission!

    passport as a 'basic human right'?! our collective Indian foot! its a privilege, to be had only by those aligned with the sovereignty and interests of the nation!

    for the blunders of the previous regime(s) in pampering such poisonous leeches, Maroof Raza puts it well - "the level of self-respect that India has, is amply evident in what has been its conduct towards people like gilani, all in the name of 'democracy'!"
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    soon to be Bengalistan
    Why was he allowed to go to USA with an Indian passport in 2007? How was it even granted if he didn't fill in the column of oath of declaration of Indian citizenship? If he did, it should be revealed that the two-faced bast^rd had already accepted himself of being Indian and hence all the things he has been doing is treason. Put him to the deepest and darkest jail. Kashmir may be volatile for 1-2 days, but the peace that would follow would be worth it. He is a blot in the face of India. A living breathing example of spongy spine govt. action.
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    ----------------------You sir, have very rich vocabulary. ------------------------
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