BJP seeks people's feedback on manifesto

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    The BJP launched a website inviting feedback from people on issuesthat should be incorporated in its manifesto for 2014 Lok sabha polls but insisted that the Ram temple,scrapping special status to J&K and a uniform civil code were non-negotiable.Murli Manohar Joshi chairman of BJP's manifesto committee told reporters that part had posted key issues on website--bjpelection invited suggestions from people.Joshi said issues which see a groundswell of support on the website may be included in the manifesto.The BJP stalwart claimed that it was the first time that a party was seeking suggestions from people to incorporate in it's poll manifesto.However,joshi clarified that some issues were non negotiable for the party and could not be removed from the manifesto,whatever the feedback.Enumerating them the veteran said construction of Ram temple,scrapping article 370,imposing uniform civil code,cow protection,The Ram sethu,cleaning of ganga,changing PM candidate comes under non-negotiable clause."
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    Link is incorrect.

    Here is the working one: BJP Manifesto 2014

    The uniform civil code...will be a little challenging, but will be interested in seeing how it goes, anyway will read apost on it later!

    Edit: Oh, it doesnt have new stuff, it's got all the old ones, so they havent yet decided on the new ones.

    But of those mentioned above...the cow protection thing. We export a lot of beef, plus leather garments are pretty big business too. So what exactly does cow protection mean? Stopping those industries? The rest of the stuff I agree on face value, obviously the civil code thing is huuuge, and would need to be looked at closely.
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    When you say beef export in India it is mostly buffalo and not cow, buffalo meat is not forbidden for Hindus.
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    Few suggestions from my end.

    They should include strict border patrolling( make sure that nonbody enters India) & they should send all the Bangladeshis & pakistansis out of India.
    They should stop all evangelist entering India.
    Mandatory education for all & make education for all a must.
    Immediate death penalty for those who are accused & proved guilty of rapes in India.
    Special & fast track courts for terrorists & scams.
    Population control
    Tit for tat with China & modernize our forces on par with chinese.
    To initiate the process of taking back Aksai chin & POK.
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