BJP not anti-Muslim : Nitin Gadkari

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    NEW DELHI: BJP president Nitin Gadkari asserted on Saturday that his party was neither anti-Muslim nor anti-dalit but hadbeen victim of "false propaganda", clearly carrying forward the campaign to reach out to sections which are seen asoutside the party's vote bank.
    "It is our misfortune, image versus reality and ground reality versus perception. We are not communal, casteist or anti-Muslim or anti-dalit. We wantwelfare of everyone, of tribals, of dalits, of women, but due to falsepropaganda our image has been targeted," Gadkari said.
    He asked party workers to work with the marginalized sections inorder to bring the "real picture" to the fore.
    "We should present the picture of the real BJP to the people, takethe exploited sections of the society along with us. Tribals, dalits, minorities, workers in the unorganized sector, women and youth ... we should expand our organizational and political field,"he said.
    The BJP president was speaking at a "women workshop" organized by BJP Mahila Morcha& Good Governance Cell here on Saturday.
    During the party's national executive in August, the BJP decided to strive for an"imaginative reprojection" of its"commitment to secularism" and reassured minority community that it does not support discrimination on basis of religion.
    Gadkari asked the women workers to look after the concerns of the female population through their authority, especially when they were holding important position,like in women's commissions.
    "Do your states have public toilets for women in public places? ... if our women don't consider the need for having toilets in public places, then who will? Human rights is a concern that comes later, but it is the small things that have to be in focus," he said.
    He also suggested that more women should be educated in the use of computers. Gadkari said that party workers had to overcome personal interest and think about contributing to the party. Referring to his own example, Gadkari said that he had been made the party president for the second time though he never asked for it.

    Our image targeted, BJP not anti-Muslim, Nitin Gadkari says - The Times of India
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