BJP no to Bangla pact

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    BJP no to Bangla pact

    New Delhi, Aug. 7: The BJP today toughened its stance on border issues and warned the government not to expect usual legislative businesses unless defence minister A.K. Antony “satisfactorily clarified” his statement on yesterday’s ambush.

    The message was conveyed when Manmohan Singh “invited” L.K. Advani, Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley this evening to coax BJP support for the long-awaited land boundary agreement (LBA) with Bangladesh and dispel concerns over resuming talks with Islamabad.

    Sources in the Prime Minister’s office insisted, however, that the BJP had sought the meeting.

    The talks came against the backdrop of allegations by some party leaders about the Centre’s “cavalier” attitude towards the Opposition on security issues.

    “We are shocked at the government’s casual approach on issues impinging on national sovereignty,” one leader said and cited a meeting held yesterday on the Bangladesh pact. The government believes support for the agreement’s ratification in Parliament would go a long way in helping improve ties with the neighbour.

    But the BJP fears a backlash in border states Assam — where agreeing to the pact risks being seen as ceding land — and Bengal.

    The party also suspects the Congress might later claim it was “pressured” by the Opposition to push the pact through Parliament.

    “We do not trust the Congress. After the announcement on Telangana provoked protests in Rayalaseema and coastal Andhra, senior Congress leaders were heard saying we gave in to the BJP’s demand. They spread the word that had we not agreed to Telangana’s creation, the BJP would have done it if it came to power,” the leader contended.

    Fears were voiced about “something similar on the LBA (Bangla pact)”. “The moment things go wrong in India, the BJP will be blamed for endorsing the agreement,” the leader said.

    Other BJP leaders seized on the tweet of Narendra Modi, the party’s poll mascot, yesterday in which he alleged that the Congress-led UPA had left India’s borders vulnerable.

    Advani today demanded an apology from Antony over the defence minister’s statement on the Poonch ambush and warned that resuming official dialogue with Pakistan would “anger” Indians.

    Parliamentary affairs minister Kamal Nath met some BJP leaders informally today and asked them what they felt were contradictions between Antony’s statement and the one issued by the defence ministry.

    A BJP representative who attended the meeting said they had explained the divergence to Nath.

    Separately, Ravi Shankar Prasad, the BJP’s deputy leader in the Rajya Sabha, countered what he termed the Congress’s “disinformation campaign” that his party was “using” border security issues to imperil the UPA’s trophy legislation — the food security bill.
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    A correctio BJP is not against bangla accord but they want local to be invooved , taking into account their views before signing deal

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