Bin Laden: China is the only country I won't mess with

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    Bin Laden is upset that China support to US so called “Unti-terrorist war”. He is especially angry after hearing China arrested and killed some Uigur separatist in Xinjiang region. As a result, Laden decide to teach China a “lesson” by lunching a series of attacks.

    First attempt: Laden send a terrorist to bomb China’s notorious Guangzhou railway station. That station is one of the busiest in the nation. Success bombing means thousands of death. The guy carried the bomb to the station, but right after he left the gate, he was robbed by a group of gangster and the bag was taken away. Mission failed

    Second attempt: Laden send another terrorist to bomb Beijing’s crowded bus. At least a few dozen people would die if it is successful. The guy carry the bag arrived the station and about to board the bus. But all of sudden everyone becomes “mad” and fight each other to get on it. The terrorist tried several time but was never able to get on bus, he has to give up. Mission failed

    Third attempt: Laden send third terrorist to bomb Shanghai’s municipal government building. A successful bombing could be huge symbolic victory and will shock the world. However, as soon as the guy arrived the gate, he was refused to enter and even beaten up by security guard. He felt so innocent and asked the guard why. The guard shouted to him, “get out of here, we don’t accept citizen appealing anymore, don’t you know it? If you come again, we sent you to prison!”. Mission failed.

    Fourth attempt: Laden is a guy never giving up. This time he decided to send a female terrorist to China’s most populous province-Henan. But he never heard back from the lady until half year later, when the lady called him from another province far away from Henan. The lady is complaining fiercely that Henan is the hell of the world; she was kidnapped and sold by human trafficker as wife to an old single man who is living in a remote mountain region. Her life is miserable. Mission failed again.

    Fifth attempt: Laden heard China has many mines which hire millions of miners. He decided to bomb one of them and intimidate Chinese government. The terrorist was sent and come back in 15 days with good news: the bombing was successful and a few hundred people were buried underneath the well. Bin Laden is very excited and anxious to wait China’s reaction. But 6 months passed there was no report of such incident in Chinese government media. Laden was very angry and suspect the terrorist cheated him. He executed him and of course, mission failed

    Last try: This time Laden decided to bring some Chinese children, train them to become good terrorist to attack their country in the future. However, he soon realizes most of these kidnapped kids are sick, unhealthy and unfit for training. He doesn’t know why and had to spend good amount money to find doctors. After 3 months, he learned that there was a huge tainted baby formula outbreak in China. Most children eat that formula will be very sick, retarded or even lose life. Laden was so desperate.

    Years of struggle with China has landed Bin Laden with failure after failure. Bin Laden finally give up and told all his associates: “China is a country unimaginable mean and crude, never try to touch that country again!”
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    Bin Laden: China is the only country I won't mess with /;- well he wont mess with any other country as well anymore
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    i have seen a chinese vesion and it's funny~

    china is a unsafe country even to terrorists~
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    lol i dint thought it wud be funny reading the title
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    Chinese should stop kidding themsleves,Bin Laden wasn't bothering about those more miserable that he and his lot was......China can be rest assured that their case was so special,any whacko troublesome enough for china will also have to be a 'made in China'.

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